Your Customs Investigator career in ruins, your wife fighting cancer... What do you do when you discover the reason behind your dismissal is a police cover-up, and that there’s a way to prove your innocence? James Winter’s career as a Customs Investigator is trashed by a Mossad mission tracking Syrian assassins. His fight for re-instatement uncovers a Middle East plot that soon threatens his own life... and more.
An exciting thriller

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“A fast-paced page-turner” The Times of Israel

“You definitely cannot put this one down until the end of the last page. Exciting and an unguessable plot.” Amazon reviewer

“You can almost feel the locations as it moves along.” Amazon reviewer

“It kept me at the edge of my seat, I read it over night, could not put it down!!” Amazon reviewer

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An assassination team with a mission that starts in England.

Spies & Espionage

High-tech Mossad spies following a trail from England's windswept Romney Marsh to the wilds of Northern Finland.

Police Coverup

How far would you go to prove your innocence?


Diamond smugglers with a suspicious nack of avoiding the traps set by Customs.

A Career in Tatters

Wrongly accused of colluding with smugglers, James Winter battles to clear his name.


Unique authenticity from an author with years of experience in the high-tech electronics industry.

Snowy Finnish Wastelands

Experience the harsh winter snow. Battle the hypothermia. Try to keep alive.

Emotional Struggle

How would you balance supporting a wife recovering from cancer treatment with the fight to save your career?

Middle East Peace

A Mossad spy investigates a threat to Middle East peace.

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An exciting thriller